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Nebraska Solar Solutions sells alternative energy products,  solar thermal water and air heaters, SunPipe daylighting for home and commercial buildings, energy production - photovoltaic and water pumping, back up generators and energy conservation.

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Where we are headed...

November 17th 2011

Energy prices on the increase - again.  November 15th Omaha Public Power District again is proposing increasing rates 5.9%. for the average home owner that will amount to slightly over $65.00 per year. In 2003 the average home owner paid approximately $60.00 per month after this increase the average bill will be approximately $95.00 - a whopping 59% or 6.5% per year increase since 2003.    we can look for increased rates to continue far into the future as environmental laws both coal and nuclear become more stringent, more costly to implement and maintain. The sun on the other hand has not had a price increase. For instance if in 2003 you would have purchased a Your Solar Home air heater or American Solar works air heater you would  have the units paid for with the energy savings since 2003 and would be looking forward to solar air and water paying you for the next 12-15 years or longer. With the rapidly escalating cost of conventional energy those payback periods will come down quickly from 8 years to 5-6 years. Where else can you invest $2000.00 to $3000.00 and get your money back in 5-8 years and be paid for the next 15 years?

March 1st 2011

As we have all felt in the last 30 days energy and food costs have started their long ascent upwards. Many experts in energy and food are talking continued price increases for the forseeable future. People I know and respect are predicting $4.00-$5.00 gasoline by the end of 2011 and $150.00 to $200.00 barrel oil. With the continued unrest in the Mid East and our and Europe's dependence on Mid East oil any supply disruptions could very well bring these prediction to reality very quickly. The bright side is if you invest in solar your cost are fixed for the next 20 years. We are not going to see price increases for energy from the sun. NOW is the time to buy solar, we are anticipating price increases for all our products this year as inflation and energy costs start soaring. So please do not hesitate in securing a part of your energy future and lock your costs in today.




Editorial comment by the owner:

Normally I would keep politics off my website, however recent phone calls from various organizations and the push to legislate our energy use and needs have me re-thinking that policy. These organizations are requesting that I join them in legislative efforts to to require various "clean / green" energy legislation. Most citizens do not know this behind the scenes action is taking place and will not until you try to sell your home, update or somebody comes knocking. If you want to see how far these people are willing to go click here Future energy Codes while these proposals were for California - it is a nationwide movement. California has currently dropped these regulations because of opposition, however you can bet they will re-surface.

While I do support the the effort to move towards solar I do not nor will I ever support forcing anybody to buy my or any other solar products, nor will I support the government or a utility controlling my or anybody else's thermostat. The products I sell stand on their own - yes the products I sell are that good! The only reason to force somebody to buy a product or idea is it is an inferior product or idea and forcing its purchase is the only way it will sell. Forming or joining such a organization would in my opinion be stating that the products I sell are inferior so I will force you to buy them. I will NOT sell an inferior product. With paybacks of 5-8 years and 20 year life spans and zero or near zero maintenance cost you will not find a better investment than right here. I do not need or want the government or some other group forcing people to buy solar. Solar must stand on its own or it will be doomed, just look at the last energy crisis in the 70's as soon as the government pulled the funding rug out solar ended - crash and burn. I built my own solar heaters back in the early 80's and they still work today. Crude looking yes but they work and have paid for themselves multiple times. Today's solar products are far superior to my home made undertakings so you get a clean modern un-offensive look that is state of the art efficient. In fact once I put the YourSolar heater on my house my wife loved the look and is impressed with the output. Same with our solar water heater. 

The only legislation I will support is tax credits. The Federal government offers those, it is time for Nebraska to get in the ball game. Tax credits must be available for both you and me, not just large businesses that want to put up wind farms. Small - de-centralized solar and wind is the wave of the future we do not need these big behemoth projects that have government funding for a few connected companies and individuals. It is time for Nebraska to again become a leader instead of a crowd follower.

My reasons why solar is the best investment you can make:


Quick payback 5-8 years


You start saving money the first minute the system is operational


You become your own independent power company and quit renting power from huge corporations


You become more self reliant thereby making the USA more self reliant. It has to start somewhere and who better than you??? Self reliance is what built this country and that is the only way we will continue to build a better country.


No yearly cost increases for heat or power


You quit buying energy and sending money to our enemies - how much longer can we send money overseas and get none back? I know we have a tremendous amount of trees but this is the biggest wealth transfer in human history! and every btu of fossil fuel we purchase is facilitating that wealth transfer


By installing solar you become part of the solution not the problem


The grid becomes less centralized there by making it impossible to shut everything down


If your power does go out you still have heat for warming your home and water and if you buy a generator you have electricity for your refrigerator and a few lights.


Nobody can legislate or demand that you turn down the thermostat or the sun - sun power is FREE and really can you waste sunlight? Yes but only if you do not capture it and use it.

Enough said, if you are ready to become more self reliant and independent e mail or call me and together we will build a better future without be forced to!

Martin Hoer


Nationwide 800-383-7072 or in Omaha Nebraska area 453-7071 M-F weekends - evening 426-5667

Our Mission

To help our customers produce their own energy using the latest most economical alternative energy producing technology. Bring to market the latest technological advances in alternative energy products.

Company Profile

Nebraska Solar Solutions was founded in 2006. We are located 13 miles north of Omaha Nebraska. 


We offer a multitude of economical solar alternatives, whether it is solar water heating, solar air heating, electricity generation, water pumping or another application we have the solution. Many of our items are easily installed by the end user or a local handy man. We strive to keep solar economical and simple.

We offer country wide shipping, any of our products can shipped anywhere in the USA. Since we are centrally located time frames and cost are reasonable.

Installation services are also available in the greater Omaha area.

Tired of rate increases and renting power?

If you are tired of renting your power and heat from your local utility we have economical solutions that have paybacks of 5-7 years and life spans of 15-20 years. Our water, air heaters and pv systems  have little to no maintenance once the are installed. Many utility companies are raising rates even during these tough economic times. One local utility here in Nebraska recently announced a 5.7% increase because of lower usage by its customers. This will increase the average users electric rates by $6.00 per month just for 2010. In 2008 this same electrical provider increased rates 12+% because of increased energy usage. So if you are thinking you can not win you are right. Since 2008 if you were renting your power from this provider the average increase would have been $18.00 per month or $216.00 per year! That $216.00 rate increase per year, alone would pay for the YourSolarHome SolarSheat 1500G in 10 years! Isn't it time to do something about rising energy prices.

If you had installed solar water heating or air heating your energy cost increase during this same time would have been $0.00.

So if you are tired of ever increasing energy prices whether the economy is booming or busting give us a call and we will come up with a money saving solution. Their is no better time to start becoming your own energy company, it is economical, you will avoid all future rate increases as the sun has not increased has a price increase in recorded history.

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